Philipp Hunziker

Philipp Hunziker

Philipp Hunziker
Dr. Philipp Hunziker
ETH Zurich
International Conflict Research
IFW D 46.1
Haldeneggsteig 4
8092 Zurich, Switzerland
phone: +41 44 632 58 34
e-mail: hunziker (AT)

Philipp Hunziker is a postdoctoral researcher in the International Conflict Research group at ETH Zurich. He received his PhD from ETH Zurich in 2015 and holds a master's degree in Comparative and International Studies from ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich (2011). His research focuses on the role of natural resources in causing political violence, the evolution of statehood in post-colonial societies, and Bayesian approaches for analyzing and monitoring geo-temporal conflict data.

Philipp's work relies heavily on GIS and statistical computing, and he interested in investigating new computational tools for the geo-spatial analysis of political violence. In particular, he is exploring the use of machine-coding approaches for collecting conflict-relevant data from map sheets and satellite imagery, and is developing a new R package for fast operations on raster data.

Philipp is co-responsible for the research group's server and database infrastructure, participates in the development of the GROWup data portal, and teaches a course on GIS and spatial econometrics.


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