Transborder Ethnic Kin 2021 Dataset

The Transborder Ethnic Kin (EPR-TEK 2021) dataset records all politically relevant ethnic groups living in at least two countries, i.e. ethnic groups with transnational ethnic connections and whose settlement area is split by an international border.

The EPR-TEK dataset identifies trans-border ethnic groups based on a nominal matching of all ethnic groups included in the core EPR dataset. Thus, groups in two different countries are coded as trans-border kin if they share the same ethnographic name, including synonyms. Each transnational ethnic group has a unique TEK group code. Where an ethnic group included in the core EPR dataset refers to an umbrella group, containing several sub-groups, the EPR-TEK data code a maximum of three trans-border ethnic connections for these sub-groups.

The Transborder Ethnic Kin (TEK) groups Atlas provides a brief description of all ethnic kin groups that live spread across two or more states.


The current version of the TEK data is available in research-ready country-year and group-year format from the GROWup Research Front-End data portal.

You may also download the latest version (2021, released on June 8, 2021) of the raw TEK dataset directly:


When using this dataset in your research, please include the following reference:

Vogt, Manuel, Nils-Christian Bormann, Seraina Rüegger, Lars-Erik Cederman, Philipp Hunziker, and Luc Girardin. 2015. “Integrating Data on Ethnicity, Geography, and Conflict: The Ethnic Power Relations Data Set Family.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 59(7): 1327–42.