Professor Cederman and his staff will teach the following courses at the ETH in the spring term 2022:

Political Order and Conflict (857-0006-00L)

This seminar covers ethnic violence, political-economy perspectives on war, the role of political institutions, and the international dimensions of civil conflict. The goal of the seminar is to expose the students to these topics by allowing them to discuss them in class and to write a term paper addressing an original research question.

Lecturers: Lars-Erik Cederman and Yannick Pengl

ECTS credits: 8 credits

Conflict Research II: Civil Wars (853-0010-00L)

The second part of the course on international conflict research focuses on current challenges posed by civil wars. The course investigates the nature of such wars in general, as well as issues during and after conflict. A concluding module on dedicated to regional influences of and on civil wars. Exercises complete the Lectures.

The objective is to get an understanding of basic concepts and debates in current research on civil wars, and particularly of the dynamics during and after the conclusion of a conflict. Additionally, the students are meant to develop a basic understanding of several important conflict regions.

Lecturer: Andreas Juon and Lars-Erik Cederman

ECTS credits: 4 credits

Inaugural lecture

The introductory lecture presented by Lars-Erik Cederman on June 10, 2004. The video recording of the event is also available:


Material from previously offered courses can be found in the archive section.