Workshop “Democratization and Conflict”

Workshop “Democratization and Conflict”

Friday, October 2, 2009
Zurich, Switzerland


Coffee and welcome
10:00 Judith Vorrath (ETH Zurich): “Beyond ethnicity: Changing conflict lines in Burundi’s democratic transition
Discussant: Magnus Öberg
11:00 Lutz Krebs (ETH Zurich): “How Influential are Political Leaders? Elites and Ethno-Nationalist Conflict during Democratization
Discussant: Johanna Birnir (Univ. of Maryland)
13:30 Johanna Birnir (Univ. of Maryland) & Nil S. Satana (Bilkent University): “Incompatibles jarring, or sparring of the sacred and the secular? Religion and legislative politics

Discussant: Halvard Buhaug (PRIO)

Lars-Erik Cederman (ETH Zurich), Kristian Skrede Gleditsch (Univ. of Essex) & Simon Hug (Univ. of Geneva): “Elections and Ethnic Civil Wars
Discussant: Håvard Strand (PRIO)


The workshop will take place at Hotel Uto Kulm on Uetliberg overlooking Zürich. You can find directions to the hotel here.