EPR-ETH Version 2.0

EPR-ETH Version 2.0

Up to date version of this dataset can be found at http://www.icr.ethz.ch/data/epr/#core


Lars-Erik Cederman (ETHZ) and Manuel Vogt (ETHZ)

List of coders


The ETH Ethnic Power Relations (EPR-ETH) dataset is based on the original dataset EPR v.1.1 and identifies all politically relevant ethnic groups and their access to state power in every country of the world from 1946 to 2009. It includes annual data on over 790 groups and codes the degree to which their representatives held executive-level state power—from total control of the government to overt political discrimination.


The latest version of the EPR-ETH data (Version 2.0) is available in research-ready country-year and group-year format from the GROWup Research Front-End data portal.

You may also dowload the latest version of the raw EPR-ETH dataset directly: EPR-ETH_v.2.0.csv
Codebook: EPR-ETH_v.2.0_Codebook.pdf

Please note that all *.csv files are UTF-8 encoded.


When using this dataset in your research, please refer to the original dataset EPR v.1.1 and include the following reference:

Cederman, L.-E., A. Wimmer, and B. Min (2010). Why do ethnic groups rebel? New data and analysis. World Politics 62(1), pp. 87-119.