EPR Ethnic Dimensions 2021 Data

The Ethnic Power Relations - Ethnic Dimensions (EPR-ED) dataset provides information on the linguistic, religious, and racial cleavages that characterize and internally divide the ethnic groups in the Ethnic Power Relations (EPR) Core Dataset 2021. For every EPR group the EPR-ED data codes up to three of the largest sub-segments and their relative sizes on each of the three ethnic dimensions. To exemplify the data structure consider the Muslims in India. While EPR identifies them as one politically relevant ethnic group, the EPR-ED dataset identifies three major linguistic sub-segments - namely Urdu, Bengali, and Malayalam - two religious dimensions - Sunni and Shi'a Muslims - as well as a South Asian "racial" identity.


You may also download the latest version (2021, released on June 8, 2021) of the raw EPR dataset directly:


When using this dataset in your research, please include the following reference:

Bormann, Nils-Christian, Lars-Erik Cederman, and Manuel Vogt. 2017. “Language, Religion, and Ethnic Civil War.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 61(4): 744–71.