The ACD2EPR 2019 dataset links ACD 18.1 conflicts to EPR-Core 2019 groups. For a more detailed description of the dataset, please see Wucherpfennig, Metternich, Cederman and Gleditsch (2012) below.


The ACD2EPR 2019 Docking data is used as a source for the GROWup data project, which offers research-ready country-year and group-year data via the Research Front-End data portal.

You may also download the latest version (2019, released on November 19, 2019) of the ACD2EPR docking dataset directly:


When using this dataset in your research, please include the following reference:

When referring to the original ACD2EPR dataset please cite:

Previous version

ACD2EPR 2018
ACD2EPR 2014
ACD2EPR Docking Version 1.2
The ACD2EPR Docking Version 1.2 dataset links ACD v.4-2010 conflicts to EPR v.2.0 groups.