GeoEPR-ETH Version 2.0

GeoEPR-ETH Version 2.0

Up to date version of this dataset can be found at


Lars-Erik Cederman (ETHZ)
Nils-Christian Bormann (ETHZ)
Luc Girardin (ETHZ)
Julian Wucherpfennig (ETHZ)

List of coders


The GeoEPR-ETH Version 2.0 dataset geo-codes all politically relevant ethnic groups from the EPR-ETH Version 2.0 dataset. GeoEPR-ETH assignes every politically relevant group one of six settlement patterns and, if possible, provides polygons describing their location on a digital map.


Descriptive (non-spatial) information on ethnic group's settlement patterns from the GeoEPR-ETH dataset is available in research-ready country-year and group-year format from the GROWup Research Front-End data portal.

You may also download the latest version of the complete GeoEPR-ETH dataset directly:
Codebook: GeoEPR-ETH_v.2.0_Codebook.pdf

The dataset is offered in ESRI Shapefile format; the individual files are compressed into a *.zip folder. The GeoEPR polygons follow the WGS84 coordinate system (SRID 4326).


When using this dataset in your research, please include the following reference:

Wucherpfennig, J., N. B.Weidmann, L. Girardin, L.-E. Cederman, and A. Wimmer (2011). Politically relevant ethnic groups across space and time: Introducing the GeoEPR dataset. Conflict Management and Peace Science, Forthcoming.